Children of the Earth – Day 5

In a word – Wow!

I agree with the friend who thought this is the best Torchwood story yet.

*** Note — Spoilers ***

Gwen’s monologue at the beginning was fantastic. I think she was right about The Doctor being appalled, but I think he’d have joined with Torchwood in bucking the system.

I don’t know what to think of Jack right now. Sacrificing a child was a monstrous thing to do, but necessary to save millions more. The “six months later” part surprised me though. I didn’t expect him to run away and have no idea whether to expect him to return.

As noted before, this season makes the character of Jack Harkness a lot darker. I’m perhaps reading way too much into things, but it makes me want to interpret The Face of Boe’s sacrifice in “Gridlock” (Doctor Who, Season 3, episode 3) as a final act of atonement.