Children of the Earth

At long last, Netflix has delivered season 3 of Torchwood. I just watched episode 4 last night and I’m completely blown away.

I wish the season was more than 5 episodes, but the story arc is fantastic. They’re definitely able to do a much richer, more complex storyline this way.

*** Note — Possible Spoilers ***

We finally get to discover that someone besides Gwen has a normal life of sorts. The side story with Ianto’s sister and her family is great. And holy cow, Jack has a family! I never saw that coming. It’s not the gay thing — they talked about this when the character was introduced in season 1 of Doctor Who, Jack is into everyone — he just doesn’t seem to be the kind to settle down like that. (That said, it was fun to watch Jack and Owen settling down into the role of a “couple” with all the bickering.)

I was also surprised by the revelation of Jack’s past — his personal past, after Bad Wolf and before finding “the right kind of doctor” again. When Jack was first introduced, he commented that because the Time Corps had blanked out his memories, he wasn’t sure whether if maybe he had some something horrible. It looks like 40 years ago he was a much darker person.

And dang! After losing Tosh and Owen at the end of season two, I really didn’t expect to see any of the remain characters get killed.