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Alien Invasion

One of the more interesting costumes from last weekend’s Farpoint was a rather authentic looking Alien, that looked like it came straight out of the Sigourney Weaver movies.

An alien.

Very cool looking outfit, but I can’t help thinking it must have been rather warm. Nonetheless, he was in that costume for a while on Friday evening and most of Saturday afternoon and evening. He was having great fun with it though, “stalking” his prey (other attendees) and just generally acting the part.

I happened to be in the men’s room when the Alien walked in (thus settling the question of the gender of the person in the costume). He hissed as he walked past, and vanished into a stall.

The first thing to cross my mind was, “Now there’s a scene that didn’t make it into any of the movies.” The next thought was, “What if it had been an Alien in the next stall that Senator Craig had tapped toes with?”

I mentioned this series of thoughts to Todd Brugmans and in no time at all, his pencil was a flyin’.

Senator Craig's final mistake.