How Will It End?

Battlestar Galactica ended last week. The final episode isn’t available on Hulu yet — so I haven’t seen past Daybreak part I — but I’m left wondering about a massive knot of loose threads. (How did Kara get resurrected? What’s with Baltar’s visions? Are they representatives of a third type of cylons?)

I expect they’re going to rescue Hera and defeat the “bad” cylons. And I strongly suspect the Galactica will be destroyed in the process. But doing all that in a satisfactory way, and finding a place for humanity to live (even if it’s just going back to the colonies) — all in a single hour….

That’s really tough to swallow.

I can’t help thinking they’re either setting up for a (made for TV) movie, or else the final scene will be Zack stepping out of the shower and the last four years have all been Kara’s dream.

One thought on “How Will It End?”

  1. I’ve been handed a very minor spoiler: It turns out the final episode is two hours long.

    That does help somewhat. After all, you can (obviously) fit more stuff into two hours.

    But you still have a frakkin’ huge number of loose ends to tie up.

    So the “Zack steps out of the shower” scenario seems likely.

    Or along those lines… A good portion of Daybreak Part 1 was flashbacks to before the attack. Perhaps what will happen is the Galactica will be destroyed, Brother Callis and the evil cylons will destroy the rest of the human fleet, and then we’ll have one last flashback.

    Baltar is talking to Caprica Six, he’s looking off into space, deep in thought.

    Six: So what do you say Gaius? Will you give me access to the colonies’ mainframe? It’s really not going to hurt anything.

    Baltar: No. I’m sorry, my dear, but on due reflection, I don’t think that would be a good idea.

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