Clean-up Efforts Continue

After a bit of procrastination, my efforts to Disenclutter™ the place are getting back into gear. I’ve been using Freecycle for a year or two, but that’s sometimes a little hit or miss, so it’s time to get creative.
Some of the stuff I’m getting rid of is a bit fannish, so for those items I’m trying a more focused effort. I’ve had one reply already from that effort, which is pretty good when you consider that particular section of the site generally gets just one or two visits per week.
The newest effort is an attempt to thin out some of the books I no longer read. Borrowing an idea from Marauder, I’ve signed up with the Paperback Swap site on the theory that I’ll be able to trade books I no longer read for books that someone else no longer reads. The first book goes out tomorrow, but I think I’ll wait until the clutter level has been reduced a bit more before adding anything new.

3 thoughts on “Clean-up Efforts Continue”

  1. hey! just got back from vacation and low and behold we have a package from you! thanks for thinking of us when you’re looking to de-clutter! sure cheered up our day. hope things are going well and best of luck on the de-clutter thing.. i just read in time about a dude who’s only trying to have his personal possessions down to 100 items. here’s the article for inspiration:,9171,1812048,00.html

  2. You’re welcome! “Mailing stuff to people” is another of my creative approaches to reducing the clutter.
    At a quick glance, the “100 items” article is interesting. I like the idea of reducing the amount of “stuff” to a manageable level, but that seems just a little too extreme. And the interpretation where a collection of things only counts as one item could lead right back to where I already am. (Sure, I have 2 zillion books, but they only count as one collection.)
    The “mailing stuff” approach seems like a bit more fun. (The nation’s shortage of landfill space could be solved through judicious use of the post office!!)

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