3 thoughts on “Batman to Relocate?”

  1. Given how gawdaweful this Batman flic turned out to be, they need to rethink the next movies for real and serious. They made Batman and The Joker gay?!? WTF?!? 😯

  2. I hadn’t heard about that twist. Then again, I try to avoid movie publicity/discussion sites for fear of spoiling the surprise of any big plot twists. Perhaps you went to the wrong theater and saw “The Brokeback Knight” instead? 🙂

    The reviews I’ve heard so far have been fairly positive, so I’m inclined to give it a chance.

  3. I saw The Dark Knight on Sunday. I enjoyed it.

    My guess is that brastonian didn’t like the scene where the Joker talks about how he can’t kill Batman because they’re such opposites. To each his own. I thought the movie was worth seeing.

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