Meandering Away From the Musical Mainstream

Following an inquiry into whether Leslie Fish had any upcoming performances in the Baltimore area (I’m not aware of any), I set out to see if she had an official web site anywhere. I didn’t find one, but I did manage to get distracted by what seems to be the officially unofficial Leslie Fish biography as well as a sampler of her filks (including the one which she apparently wishes we’d forget).

At about the same time, thanks to Gavroche, I became aware of the Funny Music Project (aka “The FuMP”) which offers an assortment of comedy songs on a rotating basis. (Although I’ve never played any of the RPGs mentioned in the song, Possible Oscar’s “Talk Nerdy to Me” is definitely catchy.)

From there, it was off to iTom where Tom Smith is posting a new song every week and in the course of just a few months has accumulated enough material to release two new albums. Not everything will appeal to everyone, but compare it to the mainstream where an artist will take two years to put out an album that doesn’t appeal to everyone and no matter how you slice it, it’s still impressive.

So the bottom line is, I don’t know Leslie Fish’s con appearance schedule. If anyone does know it, drop me a line and we’ll see about getting her added to the convention list. In the meantime, I have some new music to listen to.